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    • No Boss.
    • No office hours.
    • No office to come.
    • You don’t need to leave your current job.
    • Strict Performance Reviews
    • You work, you earn. You do not work, you do not earn

There are the projects to visit. You choose the project you like to work for.
Once you start the project no matter whether the project is successful or not, you will get 50,000 Kyats for the entire project instantly.
Once you deliver the successful project, you will get 10% commission of the project.

What the project is ?
Visit the customer site [Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, etc], demonstrate the websites, help them with some paper work. That’s it!


You need to know what the website is. Anyway, you are here. That’s good enough!

You need to be good at communicating with people.

You need to be able to build the good relationships with customers.


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